Ramadan Spent Together!

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In the spirit of joy, fun and shared moments, we welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan and welcome you and your loved ones to spend it with us at Loopagoon. The Month of Goodness brings with it family moments in a special brand of warm happiness. Since the opening of Loopagoon, the world’s first ladies only waterpark, we are pleased to be celebrating our first Ramadan with you. Loopagoon is committed to creating events, experiences and designed spaces that make sure you create memorable times whenever you can with the people that you love. This Ramadan is no different, as Loopagoon understands the importance of joy, relaxation and good food with family and friends. Come and join us for our first Ramadan starting from the 13th of April from 8pm to 2am.

Be a part of the Loopagoon community this month and enjoy the thrilling fun that Loopagoon always offers in its many water-based attractions such as the Cannon Bowl and the Tornado as well as the newly heated Kids Aqua Venture ride. Make sure you satisfy your desire for fun this season within our pools and our water activities. Hydration and staying cool are essential in the face of fasting and our Kingdom’s gorgeous sun, so stay hydrated and fresh across your Loopagoon experience.

The kids will also have a chance to enjoy themselves with the special experiences and design of the Kids Aqua Venture area. Different varieties of water slides, shallow pools and colorful discoveries await them as you and the girls can relax and spend your Ramadan days calm in our Lazy River, drifting aimlessly and leisurely or serene in our Bubble Cove, enjoying its therapeutic aqua qualities.

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Our opening hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan are from 8 PM to 2 AM which allows us you to make the most of the Loopagoon experience in the breezy night air. Race with the girls across the Octopus Racer slides, zoom fast and wet across the Twister rides and laugh loudly as you face the Thunder Waves.

In addition to all the water thrills and fun, make sure you and the girls enjoy those warm and cozy Ramadan nights at Loopagoon talking, eating and drinking. You get your choice of our world-class cuisine which includes Arabic and International food, fast food, pasta and healthy food. Enjoy your gatherings with a spectacular view of the Bay Area and the surrounding Dana Beach Resort. As you laugh away the night, enjoy the sea view and let yourself indulge in the beauty and the serenity around you. These are the types of nights we aim to create for you at Loopagoon – nights filled with peaceful fun, joyous wonder and a whole lot of friendship and family moments. That is what the Ramadan Nights are all about.

Our selections of food and beverages range from healthy platters, gourmet chef selections to regular indulgent fast food items. Take your pick and never feel limited with choices at your favorite water park. So, whether you choose to hydrate by going on one of our crazy water slides or through sipping your favorite fresh juice, Loopagoon is here to cater for you!

We are also pleased to announce the opening of our new retail store. Now you can enjoy your trip even further with a diverse collections of swimwear, patterned headscarves, sun glasses, branded towels and more, while you’re spending your time with us. If you’ve forgotten to bring something along, head to our retail store!

Across the Holy Month, you can also consider booking a breathtaking staycation at the Dana Beach Resort and always be welcome at Loopagoon. The possibilities of joy and shared moments are endless this Ramadan. And we are here to deliver this joy to you!

To encourage the spirit of good moments, we are offering discounted rates during Ramadan –

  • General Admissions (13-year-olds & above) – SAR 150
  • Junior Admissions (4 -12 year olds) – SAR 100
  • Group Packages at Sr.475/- for 2 adults + 3 kids
  • Special Admission for nannies, senior citizens and special-needs people – SAR 90

** Free admission for 3 year olds and below

So, go ahead and buy your ticket here

We can’t wait to share the special warmth of Ramadan nights with you all!

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