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As the summer sun beats down harder, and the heat of the city grows ever more intense, it’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your time than in a tropical paradise of refreshing pools, thrilling water slides, and relaxing private beaches. In fact, the only way to make this vision of escapism even more appealing would be to add some close friends into the mix… and to transform a moment of rest into a girls’ day out, complete with fun, laughter, and hour upon hour of splashing adventure!

That’s exactly what’s on offer at Loopagoon. As the first ladies only waterpark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we’ve worked tirelessly to create an intimate and private space in which women can truly let go of their worries and cares, and experience the freedom and fun that only a world-class waterpark experience can offer.

As such, it’s time to gather your girl gang, pack your swimsuits, and book a date in the diary for a day out like no other. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your squad very, very soon!

The Kingdom’s First All-Female Water Park

A day out with the girls is always a treat. It’s a chance to get together, share the latest gossip, and really relax with close friends and allies. That’s partly why we were so keen to make Loopagoon an exclusively ladies-only waterpark; so the women and girls to whom we owe so much have the perfect chance to lie back, chill out, and truly enjoy themselves without any worries or cares whatsoever.

We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that privacy, security, and the utmost respect is granted to our guests at all times. Loopagoon is a safe and comfortable space, in which women can have fun and enjoy a day of rest… coupled with all the thrills and high-octane adventure that Loopagoon is renowned for.

Relaxation Guaranteed

Ladies, it’s time to take the weight off your shoulders, leave your cares by the door, and unwind in a beautiful setting where your comfort and relaxation comes first. Loopagoon is the ideal blissful space in which to spend a delightful day under the sunshine, soothed by the sound of lapping waves and benefiting from the various therapeutic qualities that water has to offer.

Why not check out our brand new Ladies Beach – a genuinely calming space in which to relax the body and mind, perhaps while sipping a freshly made refreshing drink from one of our superb kiosks, or enjoying some delicious local and international cuisine from one of our eateries? There’s nothing quite like a beach day with the girls to help you reinvigorate the mind, body, and spirit, and whether you want to catch up on your friends’ latest news and plans, or just lie back with a good book, our Ladies Beach has everything you could wish for.

You’ll adore the elegant calm of Bubble Cove, and of course, if you fancy the idea of bobbing along, buoyed by gently rushing water that washes away all the stresses and strains of everyday life, you can’t miss the opportunity to take a ride on our Lazy River attraction. A blissful kinetic hydrotherapy experience, the Lazy River will wash you along its winding course, providing relaxation with every elegant twist and turn.

High-Octane Fun for Thrill-Seeking Women

Once you’ve recharged your batteries, had some blissed-out relaxation time with your girl gang, and are feeling up for some serious splashing fun, it’s time to check out the full range of Loopagoon’s world-class water attractions.

Whether you’re looking to race your closest friends down the Octopus Racer, get your thrills on the Twisters, or experience the zero-gravity adrenaline rush of the Tornado and Cannon Bowl, there’s a ride to suit every level of intrepidness! For ladies looking to pick up a brand new skill, explore the ultimate in water sports and test their mettle against the waves, nothing could be more exciting than our soon-to-be-launched Flow Rider. This thrilling surf simulator, opening soon, will allow you to practice your bodyboarding skills on a sheet of rapidly-moving water, while being guided by our expert trainers who’ll teach you to ride the waves like a pro!

A Child-Friendly Paradise

For nannies and mothers accompanied by young children, Loopagoon ensures the fun goes on and on from the first moment to the last. Loopagoon is safe, secure, and child-friendly, meaning our visitors can rest assured that their little ones are in the safest possible hands.

We’ve built some state-of-the-art child and toddler-oriented attractions in the heart of our beautiful water park, perfect for keeping the kids engaged and giving them a day out to remember. Our Kids Aqua Venture water playground ensures a splashing good time, and features smaller slides and water cannons… perfect for adventurous children looking to explore new sensations. What’s more, there’s always the thrill of the Spray Ground, where jets of water leap from the floor in all manner of surprising ways – ideal for those looking for plenty of laughter and memorable moments.

Loopagoon for Ladies: An Unforgettable Day Out For the Girl Gang

From the moment you step through our doors, make use of our secure and private facilities, and enter our tropical wonderland of water slides, ladies beach, and refreshing pool areas, Loopagoon promises a truly unforgettable day out for you and your girl gang.

It’s the perfect time of year to come down to Loopagoon and cool off in our beautiful water park… so why not gather your gang, and book your big day out today!

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