Eid Al Fitr 2021

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Join Loopagoon for your Eid Celebration!

This is the first time the water park will be open during the Eid holidays, marking a real milestone event that lies just around the corner. The season of goodness and giving is in full swing! What better time is there to plan a fun-filled adventure with friends and family to Loopagoon… where a watery world of splashing, swimming, and relaxation awaits?

We all need something to look forward to at the moment, and there’s no doubt that the opportunity to indulge in a fantastic family day out at Loopagoon is the ideal solution. Make our beautiful water park your go-to solution for holiday fun and magical memories!

Loopagoon provides the perfect chance to enjoy yourself amid stunning surroundings, try out some new aqua-based adventures, and check out our latest additions.

We have been working hard to provide even more possibilities and facilities for memorable days out with friends, family members, and loved ones, and can’t wait to show you what’s on offer this Eid at Loopagoon!

Ladies Beach Opens This Eid!

Who doesn’t love unwinding on the beach, soaking up the sunshine, and feeling your body and mind relax to the sound of gently lapping water on the shore? At Loopagoon, we’re firm believers in the need for relaxation, privacy, and enjoyment for all – that’s why we’re opening a Ladies Private Beach area during Eid, which will be open to everyone on an exclusive complimentary basis!

Our beautiful Ladies Private Beach is the ideal space in which to put your feet up, let go of your worries and cares, and really get a chance to enjoy the blissful atmosphere of Loopagoon. The new facility will feature a food kiosk – where local delicacies and tasty fast food options will be on offer for your delight and delectation – and there will be a delicious drinks menu on offer for when you need to satisfy your senses!

Complete with comfortable chaise longues, ambient lighting, and all the luxurious and blissful decor features that Loopagoon is renowned for, our Ladies Private Beach is the perfect place to be this Eid!

Explore Our Brand New Retail Shop

Whether you’re looking to pick up some brand new sportswear and swimwear items, some exclusive Loopagoon merchandise – including baseball caps, water bottles, mugs, fridge magnets, and more – or simply need to buy some swimming gear as a result of forgetting to bring it with you, you’re in luck!

We’ve opened a fantastic new Loopagoon boutique, where you’ll discover top quality products, including everything you could need for an exciting day out at our water park.

Loopagoon – Your Summer Go-To Attraction!

Summer time, and Eid in particular, is a time for celebration, for enjoying days out with your family and friends, and for making the most of your days off and the school holidays. Loopagoon has long since been seen as one of the premier attractions in Al Khobar, situated on the glittering coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Check out our great ticket prices below:

Adult: 230 SAR

Child: 125 SAR

Nanny: 100 SAR

Special Needs: 100 SAR

Senior Citizen: 100 SAR

Group Package (2 Adults and 3 Children): 750 SAR

Timing : May 13th to May 31st 2021

Open from 12 noon to 12 midnight

Closed on Sunday

With adrenaline-soaked thrill rides, areas for blissful relaxation, brilliant facilities for young children, and beautiful architecture, design, and food and drink options throughout the park, we’ve gone the extra mile to exceed even the highest expectations.

What’s more, with our competitive prices and tempting packages, we’re ensured that Loopagoon is not just the finest water park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – it’s your go-to summer attraction for truly unforgettable family days out!

Become a Loopagoon Member and Make the Fun Last Longer

With our exclusive membership packages, you can make the experience all the more satisfying for yourself and your family; so why not open up a whole world of opportunities for fun, adventure, and the various benefits that come with regular water park visits?

With annual and semi-annual memberships available for fantastic rates, it’s simply never been easier to explore the endless possibilities that Loopagoon has to offer, making those fun-filled days out even sweeter than ever before! What’s more, your membership pass entitles you not only to unlimited water park access, but also a 10% discount on food & drinks within the park. The holidays just got a whole lot sweeter!

You can buy your membership passes for the below prices :

Semi-annual membership: 1,599.00 SAR

Annual membership: 1,999.00 SAR

Forthcoming Attractions for Fun in the Sun

Coming to the beautiful and thrilling Loopagoon water park isn’t just about unwinding in the water, relaxing on our private beaches, and enjoying a wide array of Arabic and International dishes… it’s also about getting that adrenaline pumping, and enjoying the rush that comes with our fantastic assortment of water slides, thrill rides, and other world-class features!

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to make your trip to Loopagoon even more exciting, and for the latest opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable experience at our park. As such, it’s with great pleasure that we can announce the latest addition to our assortment of sensational water-based adventures – the Flow Rider, which will be opening later this year!

Have you ever sat on the beach, watching in wonder at the amazing feats of surfers catching and riding the waves? Flow Rider provides a safe-yet-exhilarating chance to give surfing a try in the comfort of our water park… and we really cannot wait to officially open this attraction and start having some fun! Our ten-metre indoor surfing facility provides everything you need to become a master of the surfboard, and our team of expert surf instructors will be on hand to provide the training you require to really make the most of the waves!

Before long, you’ll be learning how to surf bodyboard style, and experiencing the unique thrill of riding the waves. It’s the ideal introduction to one of the world’s most popular water sports, and an amazing way to fall in love with surfing in a safe, secure, and fun-filled environment.

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